Thugs who beheaded Jim Foley belong in Gitmo pronto

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Alexanda Kotey top, (ITV) and El Shafee Elsheikh (Reuters) were part of the terror cell that executed Jim Foley, a war correspondent. (Courtesy photo)

The recent capture of two members of the terror cell that gruesomely beheaded James Foley on video in 2014 has stoked heated discussion over how these deplorable human beings should receive justice.

(Aside, to Ms. Clinton: This is the proper context in which to use the word "deplorable.")

Londoners Alexanda Kotey, 34, and El Shafee Elsheikh, 29, were captured in Syria in January while trying to escape to Turkey.

Kotey and Elsheikh are two of four fanatics dubbed "The Beatles," because of their British accents. Their leader, "Jihadi John" is the one who beheaded hostages, including Jim Foley on camera.

Diane and John Foley, Jim's mom and dad, have publicly stated they want to see a public trial, which would be here in the United States.

I can see why they would. When someone takes someone from you, you want to see them testify to the world why they did it. Why? Because most of us cannot understand why someone - for any reason - would commit such a horrific act on humanity, let alone someone we love dearly.

It is the same reason Jeff Sullivan, who lost his sister, Christine, to a grisly, brutal murder in January 2017 in Farmington, wants nothing more than to ask the suspect in the case, Timothy Verrill of Dover, "Why, why, why did you kill my sister?"

It's very likely much of the same dynamic that is propelling the Foleys in their need to hear those who killed their son tell them "why, why, why."

But the option of just sending these two reprobates to Guantanamo where they would get a military trial is the right thing to do, we believe.

Now the obvious benefit of cost is easily apparent. A military tribunal costs a fraction of a full-fledged federal trial that could easily go on for months.

Plus the defense lawyers would be coming out of the woodwork to have at it in such a widely publicized spectacle.

Now, remember, these two guys - Elsheikh and Kotey, are not the man who actually executed Foley and several other hostages. That was "Jihadi John," who was killed in a drone strike a couple of years ago.

So to make them responsible for Foley's death prosecutors would have to place Elsheikh and Kotey at the scene of the beheading and I would think active participants.

Remember this is not some kidnap and ransom crime where you don't pay the bad guys and someone gets killed.

Ironically, Mr. and Mrs. Foley would have gladly paid money but the U.S. government didn't allow it then. It has softened its stance since.

But the biggest reason not to give these swine a civilian trial is this isn't a civilian crime. It's part of a terror war on the United States, a war that won't be over until ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban our obliterated from the planet.

These groups kill innocent people for a living. It's the lifeblood of their ideology.

So to give them a monthslong trial that will be covered by a gasping, breathless media 24/7 is what they would dearly love. Just another outlet to spew their vile spittle and get some more street cred.

And trust me, the media will be all onboard for this public spectacle, clamoring for openness and transparency.

But it will do more to help the bad guys than serve justice.

No, let these two vile excuses for humanity go to Guantanamo and live out their life with a hood on just like "Jihadi John" wore when he murdered Jim.

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