'Happy Days: a New Musical' is too cool for school

Harrison Thorp A Review 9:40 a.m.

'Happy Days: a New Musical' is too cool for school

The singing and dancing keeps the play's pace at breakneck speed. (Rochester Voice photo)

With brilliant choreography, sensational singing and a totally bodacious, sexy Fonz, Happy Days: A New Musical absolutely sparkles at the Rochester Opera House.

Hand it to co-choreographers Kelli Leigh-Ann Connors and Adele Jones for creating a kinetic, seamless display of dance, and the actors and actresses who executed their vision superbly.

If the superlatives are coming fast and furious, well, wait until you see this show; you'll go a couple of hours without so much as thinking about checking on your I-phone or Droid.

Sean Mitchell Crosley, an accomplished leading man from the Boston area, plays the Fonz, showing a versatile singing touch that can be both bold and sensuous, as it is in a duet with his old flame, Pinky Tuscadero, played by Shaughnessey Gower.

Michael Seavey, who plays Richie Cunningham, along with Ralph (Marcus Provost), Potsie (Tevor Gatcomb) and 'Chachi' (Griffin Gower) not only play stellar supporting roles but also serve up some great tunes as their group Dial Tones.

The plot involves Arnold's Milwaukee, Wis., malt shop being bought out by a developer who wants to have it taken down to put up a parking lot and the gang's fund-raising scheme to thwart their hangout's destruction.

While subservient to the brilliant show tunes, singing and dancing, the plot is substantive enough to keep you entertained, especially as the climax - a fight to the finish wrestling match with the feared and hated Malachi brothers - looms ever closer.

There's even cameos by Elvis and James Dean.

Slick down that ducktail, don that leather jacket, drag out your old poodle skirt and get down to the ROH for a wild ride on the Fonz' motorcycle into memories of a time gone by too soon.

"Happy Days: a New Musical" is not to be missed.

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