In 1983 Biden called court packing a 'bonehead idea'

Cheryl Russell 12:22 p.m.

In 1983 Biden called court packing a 'bonehead idea'

In 1869, the number of justices on the Supreme Court was set at nine. The Court has served our country exceedingly well for over 150 years ensuring the separation of powers envisioned by our founding fathers.

In 1937, FDR called for adding more justices to the Supreme Court to obtain more favorable rulings. That proposal was resoundingly denounced by members of FDR's own party as well as the Republican party.

In 1983, Biden opposed court packing calling it a "bonehead idea".

In 2019, RBG expressed opposition to packing the Supreme Court stating that "nine is a good number."

Human Rights Watch reported in 2004 that Chavez packed Venezuela's Supreme Court with 12 new justices resulting in administrative control over the opposition party. After Chavez' death, Maduro and the Supreme Court rose to power causing the decline of the once most wealthy and prosperous country in South America.

Venezuela is here.

Biden issued over 50 EO's with only 22 reversing Trump policies; ignored input from 10 Republican Senators before the American Rescue bill was passed by "reconciliation"; is allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to flood our country; and earned four Pinocchio's from the Washington Post for the Georgia voting law comments. Legislation to federalize national elections diminishing Constitutionally granted power of state Legislatures and redefining infrastructure are proposed. They are proposing changes to the Electoral College and want to make the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico states. The Senate Parliamentarian stated the Democrats can use "reconciliation" two more times THIS year.

The Democrats, with the smallest of margins in the House and Senate, are attempting to forever change our country.

Cheryl Russell is a former high school teacher and 30-year employee with the U.S. Department of the Treasury who writes op-ed pieces for The Rochester Voice. She lives in Dover.