It may have been a lot of things down at ROH last night: But it wasn't no drag!

Harrison Thorp 8:56 a.m.

It may have been a lot of things down at ROH last night: But it wasn't no drag!

One of the divas of the Li Monahd troupe singing her heart out for a large, festive and boisterous ROH audience. (Rochester Voice photo)

When a buxom blonde in scanty garb oozing in sexuality perched herself atop my chair at the Rochester Opera House as she belted out a sultry song I have to say I was a bit - how do I say this say - verklempt?

But no, it wasn't some Eyes Wide Shut sex club or Best Little Whorehouse in Texas vignette.

It was Li Monahd's Holiday Hoopla, a recurring ROH celebration of New England drag queens who strut their stuff with reckless abandon, sometime, I would say, too much ... but that's just me!

The show comprised four gifted drag queens led by Li Monahd, who strutted her stuff to the max in her second number "Runway," which featured her making every move a fashion diva/exotic dancer/gymnast could make with aplomb.

This raucous, ribald group of sultry sexpots wrought a festive mood for a animated audience that was shall we say, lifestyle diverse, and open to anything!

The four "girls" oftentimes came off the stage to tantalize the audience with their wiles and provocative gibes while picking up dollar bills like confetti from the floor as the crowd roared its approval.

Thursday's stop was a one-off show, but they've been to the Rochester Opera Houses before and they guaranteed on Thursday they'll be back.

When they do, consider checking these queens out. They treat you like royalty!