Milton Police Arrest Log for June 28 to Aug 29

10:36 a.m.

Milton Police Arrest Log for June 28 to Aug 29

Date arrest, name, address, age, charges, court date, bail

6/28/19, Zachary Duclos, Winding Rd, Milton, NH, 30, failure to register, 7/7//19, PR bail

6/30/19, Kyla Brown, Main St., Rochester, NH, 21, criminal mischief, domestic violence, 7/2/19, pr bail

7/3/19, Justine E. Crowley, Washington St., Rochester, NH, 31, driving after suspension, 8/13/19, violation

7/5/19, Jacob M. Pizz, Dames Brook Dr., Milton, NH, 22, simple assault X 2 DV, 7/9/19, PR bail

7/8/19, Tasha Washburn, Hornetown Rd., Farmington, NH, 33, possession controlled drug, 7/25/19, pr bail

7/9/19, John J. Ruest, Willey Rd. Milton Mills, NH, 33, criminal mischief DV, 7/10/19, pr bail

7/11/19, Scott E. Sherman, Bolan Rd., Milton, NH, 52, criminal threatening, criminal mischief X 3, domestic violence, 7/12/19, pr bail

7/12/19, Michael R. Levesque, Hancock St., Rochester, NH, 47, violation of protective order X 3, 7/15/19, pr bail

7/13/19, Chase E. Carignan, Oak Hill Rd., Lebanon, Maine, 19, unlawful possession intoxication, 8/27/19, violation

7/14/19, Richard E. Roy III, Willey Rd., Milton Mills, NH, 35, simple assault X 3, domestic violence, driving after subsequent, 7/14/19, no bail

7/17/19, Sarah A. Sylvester, Highland Ave., Milton Mills, NH, 31, bench warrant Rochester violation protective order, 7/17/19, n/a

7/20/19, Bailey J. Meleady, Old Wakefield Road, Milton, NH, 20, domestic assault X 3, 7/22/19, pr bail

7/21/19, Jonathan E. Kreuger, Old Spring Circle, Rochester, NH, 33, driving after suspension, subsequent, 8/27/19, violation

7/23/19, Ricky A. Davis Jr., White Mountain Hwy, Milton, NH, 24, resist arrest, 2nd degree assault, strangulation, DV simple assault X 2, obstructing report of a crime and habitual offender, 7/24/19, PR bail

7/27/19, Brandon K. Dexter, Lafayette St., Rochester, NH, 24, endangering the welfare, criminal mischief vandalism, 7/27/19, pr bail

7/28/19, Janis Peyton, Dawson St., Rochester, NH, 21, simple assault X 3, domestic violence, 7/29/19, pr bail

7/29/19, Christopher J. Vontz, Townhouse Rd, Milton, NH, 53, second degree assault, 2 X simple assault, domestic violence, 8/8/19,pr bail