Pastrami sandwich sans bread tasted all the better

Harrison Thorp 11:12 a.m.

Pastrami sandwich sans bread tasted all the better

Pastrami sandwich sans bread with homemade chips and broccoli (Rochester Voice photo)

ROCHESTER - Porter's Pub on Hanson Street is a go-to place for lunch among many working class folks who appreciate good food at a good price.
Most every lunch there goes for less than $10 and comes with a side, which can include their delicious homemade potato chips.
On Friday we got the pastrami sandwich without the bread as we're gluten free, but to me oftentimes, bread just gets in the way, not only in the taste of the meat but in the tightness of the pants!
So we got a huge mound of of pastrami with those aforementioned homemade chips and a large portion of steamed broccoli.
The bartender was pleasant, the wait was short and the draft Bud Light was nicely chilled.
What better way to start the weekend.
The only drawback was not winning $100 on Keno, cause the machine was down. But at least we didn't lose any.
Porter's Pub is located at 19 Hanson St.
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Service ★★★★

Food ★★★★

Atmosphere ★★★★