When it comes to Fair food, tacos are my new 'go to'

Harrison Thorp 9:04 a.m.

When it comes to Fair food, tacos are my new 'go to'

Chicken, left, and chopped steak tacos from A Taste of Mexico food venue at the Granite State Fair. (Rochester Voice photo)

ROCHESTER - When it come to fair food, I'm all in.

From the intoxicating smell of a sausage sub crammed with grilled onion and peppers to the insane delight of munching on those extraordinary french fries smothered with ketchup, what's not to love. It never gets old.

But this year I took a less traveled path at The Granite State Fair and headed to "A Taste of Mexico," which is on the left just before the grandstand as you travel from the Lafayette Street entrance.

They serve all kinds of Mexican food, but Martha and I settled on the tacos.

You can get chicken, chopped steak or hamburger, and they come topped with cilantro, and homemade salsa and taco sauce on the side.

For $10, they are about as good as you'd get at any taco joint, maybe even better.

And while sometimes the fair foods seems a tad overpriced, the taco plate, which included three, is a pretty fair price.

We tried the chopped steak and the chicken and liked the chicken more.

By the way, don't ask for a combo plate of the three. Not gonna happen!

Service ★★★

Food ★★★★