With primary just around the corner, Farmer's Kitchen gets my vote

Harrison Thorp 10:50 a.m.

With primary just around the corner, Farmer's Kitchen gets my vote

Two scramble, with cob smoked bacon, home fries and gluten free multigrain toast.. (Rochester Voice photo)

FARMINGTON - We've been looking to get into the Farmer's Kitchen for about a year, but it wasn't till Monday while driving by around 9 a.m. that I noticed the parking lot wasn't full and a line wasn't stretching out the front door.

So I made my move and I'm glad I did: this is what breakfast out is supposed to be about.

Just as you sit down my waitress, Amber (if I remember her name she's a good waitress) was there with a mug of hot coffee.

Being my first time there I wanted to peruse the menu, so she left me for only about a minute before returning.

Btw, don't you hate it when you ask for a minute to check out the menu and they don't come back for 10?

I started to order what I've ordered out for almost my entire life (scrambled, sausage, hash browns) except the cob smoked bacon intrigued me, so I ordered that. And of course I ordered the red bliss home fries, because that's all I've heard people raving about forever.

I was very happy with both forays out of my breakfast comfort zone.

The cob smoked bacon had a full bodied flavor like none other I've had. And I liked how she asked me how I wanted it: chewy, crispy or in between. I asked for medium crispy, which came out perfectly with no grease. I could pick it up with my fingers, without it crumbling. You see cooking bacon is truly a science and Farmer's Kitchen's got it down pat.

Their home fries were an equally good choice, with a flavor and consistency that is unique.

"It's the spices," Amber said. "And that's all I can say. It's top secret."

They also have gluten free toast, including a gluten free multigrain.

The whole breakfast with tax was around $11, way reasonable for what you get.

Food ★★★★★

Service ★★★★★

Atmosphere ★★★★★