A Pease illusion of deadly protent continues with regard to PFAS danger

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To the editor:

An informational briefing on contamination from Polyfluoraykal Substances, (PFAS) was held at the former Pease Air Force Base, on Oct. 30. It was sponsored by the 157th Air National Guard, at Pease in Newington NH.

Opportunities were made available for public comment.

This Video has since been released.

The proven effects of these Contaminants (PFAS) on our Military members, their families, friends and outlying communities is devastating.

Representatives of Sens. Jeannie Shaheen and Maggie Hassan of N.H. were there. First District Congressman Chris Pappas was also present.

So, this is where it gets a little bumpy on the Cutting Room floor...

Lt. Col. Robert Meegan USAF(Ret) and Lt Col Perry Forgione (Ret USAF/FBI), both spoke out about the effects/illnesses from contaminants on themselves, their families and friends. Their stories are overwhelmingly horrifying.

When Lt Col Forgione retired he became an FBI Agent.

He was also in NY on 911, at Tower #2

In the early 1980s, all three of us were assigned to the 509th Security Police Squadron, at Pease AFB.

Did I mention that Cutting Room Floor? Yes I did.


Because THATS where THEIR stories from this latest hearing lay.

I wouldn't dare attempt to relay their personal devastating Testimony in this format...

They spoke with passion and thoughtfulness, about their experiences... as well as the loss of former unit members due to disease.

It's frighteningly unimaginable that these two USAF LtCol's voices would be abridged.

That's right, their testimony was cut out of the released video.

Note: their first testimony from Dec 7, 2018 was identical to that of Oct 30, 2019.

I must ask:

Who would not want to hear from them?

Why would they allow an Enlisted member's testimony (mine) to remain?

I surmise the video went through a "gauntlet" of Legal and political entities with all having "distinct" objectives.

For example, Shaheen has posted two Press Releases, one in January of 2018 and another on December 6-2019.

Please note:

Both were released less than a week after both meetings.

Both were mirror images of each other.

The parameters of the Study rested with the closing of a Well in 2014.

When a politician begins a statement by saying "For too long" they've set the parameters of the issue, even when there's overwhelming testimony that proves otherwise.

I consider the decision's to delete these two Officers testimony "sinister".

The Senators representatives, who were at the meeting(s), certainly returned to their office "nests," with Shovel Ready Twaddle.

We should be guided by the wisdom of the political class and their Connections.

To this a resounding NO!

There's very little I could say that wouldn't contradict this point of view...

"How dare anyone utter anything against a select "Potentate's" viewpoint.

Harsh feelings would escalate, and demoralize the Victims and their Families even more.

Basically - Victims, especially Military Officers, and their proponents... are Censured.

The latest video ( Oct 30, 2019 ) attests to this.

I understand how a Base Commander would not want to acknowledge the Contamination problems in 1988. I was asked by a member of the Pease Base Closure Committee, to locate contaminated areas, and brief the Base Commander.

I presented a slide (photo) briefing to him. At that time, he didn't want to hear it.

Who am I? What would/could I do with that type of information?

I would expect a transfer to the North Pole...with my tongue stuck to it. (to prove I was there) if I took on some crusade. (That Base Commander uttered a similar statement.)

If, you believe I've taken Liberties with humor, it is ONLY because of how Outraged I am about their Censoring. This seems to be the only outlet we "Minions" have.

For generations all branches of the military followed Leadership through the established Chain of Command.

We did not sign an allegiance pact to watch each other's backs

But - it was understood.

I have yet to see a Unit Commander's name, sparking ANY interest in coming to "anyone's" defense on this disaster..

In conclusion, I surmise that:

Commanders at ALL levels were aware of the problem.

The EPA knew... Based on a 1983 Contamination Report... Yes - one really exists..

There was a government EPA Monitor assigned to Pease AFB.

I suspect routine reports were required to justify his position there.

Where are these reports?

Political alignment with Corporate entities ... A moot point !

So, here we have two USAF Officers testimony, wantonly dismissed.

Seems these two Officers didn't get the "MEMO"!

Never leave a Military Member behind...

Commanders are there to back their troops

Well, as of October 30, 2019, I now realize the long standing PROMISES, of backing from the military and political leadership has been an ILLUSION.

Louis Archambault,

Senior Master Sgt. Security Police, Retired

Chesley Hill Rd

Rochester NH

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