Could Covid hospitals be the new 'killing fields'

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Grace Emily Scharas ... died at Covid hospital (Courtesy photo)

To the editor:

As an alarming shadow of "medical tyranny" endangers our American way of life by threatening to make our "freedom of choice limited by morality, obsolete." Please consider excluding all , doctors, nurses and medical practitioners from the narrative below who have labored through the pandemic putting in long hours of passionate love and concern for their patients , never compromising the Hippocratic Oath. They deserve a debt of gratitude from all truth and liberty loving Americans.
Many readers are aware of what the words "Killing fields" mean. Oh yes, most of us will remember the civil war in Rwanda in 1994 that killed 500,000 - 1,000,000 Tutsi and Hutu in just a span of 100 days. But somehow "Killing Fields" that are so far away fade from our memory. But today, "Killing Fields" that are at least equal in number to these unGodly atrocities, now have challenged our lives , even the civilized order of our Western Civilization, the foundation of our beloved country, with ugly genocidal brutality much closer featuring human depravity at its lowest. The front cover of The New American magazine of April, 25 introduces this violent subject with these uncomfortable headlines, a simple question: "COVID HOSPITALS THE NEW KILLING FIELDS?"
What is your initial reaction? Some folks pass off such dangerous possibilities by submitting them to the "out of sight ,out of mind" category. Some readers who do not realize the Congress has the sole power to make law will use some descriptives adjectives that label the narrative as unacceptable, by flaunting their misinformed knowledge with the question: how can an Executive Order be unconstitutional and unlawful? Here, I hope many of you will be challenged enough to investigate? Beware: protocols of tyranny have a habit of taking over when a large percentage of the people just vote and trust.
To bring the main victims into focus here to cast some light on this disturbing headline about "hospital killing fields," I bring to your attention the belief of the father of Grace Emily Scharas one of the million nationwide deaths from COVID. She was a charming 19 year old young lady. Scott Scharas, Grace's dad in addition to many doctors believe her death resulted from drug overdose not the disease. The loving family would for you to check out their website called:
What a delightful young lady she was. Scott was the patient advocate for his daughter under the American Disabilities Act which is a by the way a creation of legitimate origin, Congress voted for it and the President signed it.
Being an Advocate, Scott was able to stay with Grace in the hospital during those final days, a rare privilege that most families are denied during this pandemic. His painful story reveals that even until early the day Grace died her store bought pulse oximeter showed blood oxygen levels safely above 90%, even while the hospital monitors were more than 40 points off a fact that the staff conceded as true. Scott refused the doctors request to intubate Grace which they finally agreed was unnecessary, they instead left her on the non-invasive oxygen mask , called BiPAP . Even as these measure of controls succeeded the doctors pushed four more times for the families permission to put her on a ventilator which they refused. When the nurses then prevented Scott from helping Grace eat because of the BiPAP , mask, he documented this refusal.
Obviously, in those last three days the whole article supporting the horrific headlines of "Killing Fields" as an accurate summation here cannot be adequately described. Isn't it fair to assume that whatever went on during those last three days after Scott was escorted by an armed guard from the hospital is suspect? As I read the article I was filled with horror. Again, it is impossible here to detail in a short article the accuracy needed to present the case of the Scharas family case against the hospital. For the rest of the story go to
But I can say that the monetary temptation to label every possible patient a COVID case is great. For when the hospital admits the elderly or the handicapped covered by Medicare or Medicaid, they know special bonuses are given to hospitals treating COVID cases. Bottom line, Grace was worth more to the hospital dead than alive: alive the invoice would only be an amount of $1680.00 a day while the bonus for death was $13,000.
Moral decline throughout history has always been a precursor to tyranny. Why should our nation be any different? Then as now "We the people" have elected poor representation to Congress and our nations decline from greatness was greatly accelerated in the 1960s. For while the electorate slept, Congress was derelict in its duty to make laws, surrendering this power to the Supreme Court to make numerous rulings that were considered law, among which was an agenda to Kick God out of the public square and no more prayer in school or display of the Ten Commandments. This was an easy task for the majority vote of nine judges ruled our lives. Misinformed citizens who think we are a "democracy" are betraying our Republic."
We can look in the mirror that reflects who should be blamed for allowing the Supreme Court to make laws. Since then, such "protocol's of tyranny" have marched in silence, while too many people unaware that liberty must be protected and preserved through each generation, think it was always this way. Agents of destruction are within, having traveled in a quiet process from unexpected places while too many have slept. Hospitals still have "freedom of speech," but too many still are misinformed and think "Executive Orders" are the law.

- Russell Payne,


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