Democrats, including N.H.'s senators, play politics over safety

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A portion of the war already built on the Texas-Mexico border. (Courtesy photo)

* Sen. Hassan would vote for a fence, and Sen. Shaheen wants to strengthen infrastructure. Who knew?

If you ever needed any proof that a wall works all you have to do is look at Constantinople.

The Eastern seat of the Roman Empire with its opulence and wealth was the envy of the world and lasted nearly 1,000 years after Rome fell around 500 A.D.

Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi should know that. Weren't they around to see it?

You can laugh at the "old joke," but for Nancy, especially, it's not exactly funny.

You see she's got some young socialists set to arrive in Washington next month who think she's lost a step or two.

So Nancy is running hard left as fast as she can, so she can be Speaker of the House.

If you ask Nancy or Chuck why we don't need a wall, they have a pretty good reason.

It's: "Mr. Trump, you're not getting your wall!"

That's not really a reason, but yep, that's what they say.

See, like Constantinople, the U.S. of A. is the envy of the world. A recent global Gallup poll (I don't even know how they do that) found that the fab country to come to is, you guessed it, right here.

The list:

  • 158 million chose the U.S.
  • 47 million Canada.
  • 42 million Germany.
  • 36 million France or Australia.
  • 34 million United Kingdom.
  • 24 million Saudi Arabia.
  • 21 million Spain.
  • 17 million Japan.
  • 15 million Italy.

And the Democrats are licking their chops. That's a lot of votes!

See, the wall has nothing to do with protecting Americans from illegal immigrants who come here, commit crimes, are deported, return, commit more crimes and so on till there's only one party and they get to stay forever.

What it is about is showing Trump supporters he can't deliver on his promises.

Which is how they win 2020.

So it's politics over principle, and sabotaging Trump over saving lives.

We called Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan on Friday - we presume they were still in Washington but who knows - because we wanted to ask them what they thought about the "brawl over the wall."

But after emailing and calling the press staff of both senators, surprise surprise, no one returned our call.

We wanted to ask them why they think we don't need a wall despite the humanitarian crisis now unfolding in Tijuana, Mexico, where thousands of migrants are trying to sneak or barrel their way into the United States, often with no regard for the safety of themselves or their young children.

We asked the senators' press staffs to at least send us a statement about why border security could be best served by not having a wall. They didn't do that either.

It should be noted that on Sen. Shaheen's website, she sounds like she might be in favor of a wall. I mean she says this: "Senator Shaheen believes any immigration reform proposal must ensure the security of our nation's borders. We have doubled the number of agents patrolling our borders over the past ten years and we've made significant progress in securing our borders and stemming the flow of illegal entries. Senator Shaheen voted for a bipartisan immigration reform bill that makes significant investments in border security. We must ensure law enforcement has adequate resources to keep us safe, and we must strengthen the infrastructure and technology necessary to combat transnational crime and prosecute national security threats."

I would define a wall as infrastructure, but I guarantee you will not hear the senator calling for a wall.

And Sen. Hassan, after taking a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border in May, spoke of the need for strengthening border infrastructure, too. Knowing full well of the tragic toll heroin and fentanyl supplied by Mexican drug cartels have taken on the Granite State, she told New Hampshire reporters, "With 76 percent of drug overdose deaths in New Hampshire in 2017 involving fentanyl, we must do more to disrupt the trafficking of this lethal drug, including smuggling by Mexican cartels.

"Over the course of the trip, I witnessed firsthand the challenges our law enforcement officials at the U.S.-Mexico border face every day as they work to detect, intercept, and halt the trafficking of fentanyl and other illicit drugs across the border. It's clear that we need more border patrol personnel, improved technology, and better infrastructure such as roads, fencing, and upgraded facilities."

Do these sound like the voices of those who absolutely refuse the notion of a wall?


The abolition of ICE?


But ask them on Wednesday how they feel about "infrastructure" or the need for a wall.

Here's their numbers. Sen. Shaheen's Washington office is (202) 224-2841. Sen. Hassan's is (202) 224-3324.
And if you don't have time, rest easy. We'll be trying again.

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January 09, 2019 at 8:10pm
You are right on !
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