Dems' silence on violence and anarchy speaks volumes

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To the editor:

As I listened to Former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile speak concerning her party convention, she used the term democratic values. Pondering the thoughts of the recent anarchy in our large cities under Democratic control, do you think a more accurate terminology for these would be: "democratic values tolerate the violent hate constantly expressed with murder, fires and destruction in our cities?"

These values tear down historical statues. Apparently, their purpose is to replace the moral principles which are the backbone of our American Republic. Tolerance of such corrupted behavior is evil that will demand a master.

Let us consider the left-wing Marxist marketing phrase that confuses the issue of the violent crime of murder in the womb, Freedom of Choice. Permanent government permission seems to be the Democrats' replacement for our rights. Their chosen mindset authorizes freedom of choice to violently kill a baby in the womb in addition to freedom to choose euthanasia for our elderly, permit you to go without wearing a mask and permit you to violate "social distancing."

Do you think, if they assume they have the power to negate the right to assembly, soon every right is subject to the discretion of the state? Permission is not a victory for liberty! It is a downgrade on a path to totalitarianism!

Apparently, the hierarchy of the Democrat Party elite want to hide the violent anarchy from their supporters in: Portland (OR), Seattle, Chicago and New York City. These are the apparent Democratic values that Ms. Brazile refers to, that include violent murders, fires, Molotov cocktails and guns; many causing the death of our police officers and innocent protesters.

Their silence concerning this violent anarchy is more powerful than words. Have you heard any Democratic leaders call for an end to this violence at their Convention or any other time?

Drawing a true picture of this violent attack on "law and order," with a few words is impossible. One needs to diligently search for answers. A good start would be to go to the root of the problem at .

You will find an alliance of evil exists between Democratic leadership, bought media hacks and those in government that support this revolution. For all the establishment robotic mouthpieces of the press and their allies in government mostly ignore the anarchy and rioting. Only Fox (network) seems to give fair coverage to the violence.

These Democratic values are vividly explained above through demonstration, their morality is the end justifies the means. This Marxist morality always accuses their adversaries of the very crime they are guilty of. They seek to divide the races while they insanely blame the police for the violence while making demands to abolish the police.

The evil in man's heart that caused the unjust, tragic and violent death of George Floyd was not caused by skin color. Evil men sit in comfort while they exploit the race card, using people of all colors to do their bidding, the destruction of our nation. Their strategy is, to divide and conquer.

In the Declaration of Independence, the words, we are all created equal are not empty, they do not represent equality in wealth or physical abilities. Such equality does not exist. We are all different. The true meaning is the essence of our liberty: In God's eyes we are all equal sinners, equally depraved and we are all equally accountable for our sins to our Creator, God who created us. Abe Lincoln's words penetrate the depth of all the disorder: Without the bible, we would not know right from wrong.

The way I see the problem, is, too many in our culture think the Ten Commandments are the ten suggestions. We are repeating the history of God's chosen people, Israel. Our corrupted nature follows their path. The Prophet Isaiah warns of the consequences of their unrighteous behavior in Isaiah 5: 13 : Therefor My people are led into captivity for want of knowledge. America's dark future lacks the Light of the World. Restoring our people with knowledge about the Giver of Life will ensure a future for posterity with liberty. If not, the lack of this knowledge of the Creator will condemn us. And will bring on the death of our nation and lead us into captivity. Which world do you choose?

  • Russ Payne


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