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To the editor:

Beware of what authority figures tell you about what happened before your birth. Why do modern proponents of evolutionary theory self-edit the full title of Charles Darwin's revolutionary book "On the Origin of Species"? It is because it would reveal the that Charles Darwin advocated racism rather than science? Darwin's book is "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life." It is an undeniable fact that throughout 18th and 19th century the "hate God" movement was led by highly educated scholars. Scientists, biologists and professors propagating philosophies obsessed with Darwin's On Origin of Species attack on the foundation of biblical Christianity.

The perpetrators of this revolutionary mindset jumped on the "God is dead" bandwagon initiated by Friedrich Nietzsche. Thereafter the concept of "favored races" seeded the explosion of racism in the 20th century. They do not represent the common man. Hiding behind all their obsession with partiality for Darwinism is at its core a social philosophy rooted in racism. These racist Darwinist philosophical evil theories grew into a worldwide holocaust of hundreds-of-millions of souls suffering and dying under the boot of the Marxist state: Collectivisms known as communism, socialism, nazism and fascism.

Today, we look back into the 20th century endurance of hundreds of millions killed in wars and democide (governments killing their own people). The future promising more wars, death, and misery. These are consequences of all Collectivisms when a nation forgets God. Today, public schools and most universities challenge the eternal truth of Genesis 1:26: "Let us make man in our image and our likeness." Instead, our youth are taught to believe a fairy tale theory that man descended from the apes. Thus, devaluing human life and ensuring future tyranny as a nation forgets God.

The symptoms of tyranny that America has suffered over and above the terrible price of war is derived from the devaluation of human life. We can see the devaluation expressed as forced sterilization, abortion, and moving toward euthanasia called mercy killing. These are the democide's of our generation: murder in the privacy of a doctor's office. When a nation believes there is no God and promotes collectivism, despotism thrives. Do your own research. Educate yourself. The truth will set your mind free. Start here at the incubator of evil:

Government Schools: When Satan Is Welcomed In, Is It Time to Get Your Kids Out?

- Russ Payne,


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