Globalists, hungry for the good life, have declared war on farmers

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To the editor:
One of the most obvious forgone conclusions is: "If we have no farmers we have no food." Deep State friends of tyranny today arrogantly work to bring their dream of no farmers and the starving and famine this will create. The Dutch farmers, the most prosperous in Europe, are priority on the list, fighting for their livelihood and lives, for their government is following in lockstep with the "insider planned tyranny" of the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the European Union and don't forget the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Green policies only duplicate red Communist policies of decades gone by. Yes we now have these corporate "watermelon Marxist" zeroing in to control the world food supply, under the banner of protecting the environment and land globally.
The highest productive farms are targeted to maximize world food shortage. Farms produce natural fertilizer, ammonia from the manure pile, but it doesn't stink as bad as the mandate to cut cattle herds by as much as 25 to 95 percent. The "nitrogen emissions" that all farm production depend on to produce life giving food is made the enemy. Specifically, today in Holland, tomorrow: Italy, Germany, France ,Spain, Poland, Ireland, and Belgium. These criminal policies then will grow to control the whole world. Think about this: The entire last half of the twentieth-century, we fought cold wars and no-win hot unconstitutional wars to contain "communism." These "Insiders" have changed their tactics from the red menace of communism. Now they want to control us by limiting the food supply to their choosing, because "fear and food shortages" create dependency on big brother care.
Check out the 9/12/22 issue of The New American for powerful documentation.
Today citizens of our nation must face reality; we must fight the root of those problems yesterday, "continuous wars," the same root today now that attacks our life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness with environmental treason against humanity.
We must contain them for their arrogant audacity. Today their game plan lusts to enslave the world. Their latest plan of action ultimately includes every human being on the planet, which includes you. First the free world, specifically the United States. It is called the Great Reset that will implement Agenda 21 and 30. Klaus Schwab and his comrade criminals plan a New World Order for you. They even brag, "no one will own anything. Agenda 21 and 30 are not healthy for your environment.
In Holland their prototype "trial balloon" advocates replacing the 11,200 farms they will destroy and reduce the production of another 17,600 farmers. With corporate mega farms operating under the name of Food Action Alliance, created by the World Economic Forum and all their globalist billionaires, they will perfect the process of creating food shortages that Joseph Stalin used to starve seven million people in 1932 with his planned famine in Ukraine.
But this "war on liberty is not new." You might say it goes back to the "Garden of Eden." But, let's just go back to when the 200-year war on God and the Constitution really got into high gear during the 1930s Depression. The same insiders reproduce their "treason" from one generation to another. One generation of evil stands on the shoulders of the next. I call it "generational treason." Let's just take one example. Here, sticking to the same issue of government mandated food shortages, picture in your mind how hungry dependent people will do anything to get a bowl of soup. Much of what follows is from a a book I read some 50 years ago that left a lasting impact on my mind of just how "morally depraved" criminal government can reach into the depths of hell when men and women lust to seek total power.
The name of the book is, "Ill Fares The Land." One of President Roosevelt's first major accomplishments, The Agriculture Adjustment Act became the beginning of the socialist war on farmers by paying farmers not to grow crops. It's not surprising that this farm plan came out of the Soviet Union where it failed to produce food but starved a lot of people, so it was a success for Lenin. It's not shocking that this happened, or that the first Communist Party Cell called the Harold Ware Cell was in the Agriculture Department with Communist members: Alger Hiss, later in the '40s a convicted Soviet Agent who co-authored the UN Charter along with his Soviet counterpart and became the first Secretary General of the United Nations. While people were close to starving in our nation, Hiss along with his Communist comrades in the Agriculture Department: Nathan Witt, Lee Pressman, John Abt, and Communist Henry H. Collins Jr., Harry Dexter White and Lauchlin Currie were teachers as well as students at Harvard.
From page 35 of the book I quote: "Despite the fact that the number of hogs on our farms had been declining steadily from an all-time peak of 970 per 1,000 total population in 1872 ... to only 475 in 1932, Secretary Wallace buckled on his official armor in 1933 and set his face resolutely to battle against the porcine hosts which threatened our nation. When the conflict ended and Secretary Wallace hung up his sword, 6,188,717 little pigs and 223,247 brood sows to farrow had been slain --- much of the total made into fertilizer and inedible grease." Mind you, this idiocy was done with the purpose to control prices. It took place while tens-of-thousands were standing in soup lines in our large cities. Makes about as much sense as today choking Dutch farmers with "nitrogen reduction idiocy."
Socialism is always a failure for the people while it is a success for the elite. It's planned that way. Reminds me of a great quote from John Stuart Mill that describes why we have been so easy to exploit: "He who lets the world or his own portion of it choose his plan of life for him, has no need of any other faculty than the ape-like one of imitation." This has been the mysterious thief that has been stealing our liberty. All we have to do to get to the root of the problem is first look into the mirror. May God forgive us and motivate us to action!
- Russ Payne,

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