Just like a needless roundabout, The Voice, city attorney go round and round

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It's been about a year, since Harrison Thorp, Award Winning Editor of the Rochester Voice, has been denied by the City of Rochester to receive Right to Know Information, through the 91-A process.
Mr. Thorp certainly could have asked someone residing in the city to request whatever he wanted.
Heck, he could have even asked an illegal alien, according to Atty. O'Rourke's quote, and he likely would have received the requested information.
Mr. Thorp didn't ask anyone. It was the principle of the thing.
(Like our President, would say "You know - - the thing!")
Now, it seems Rochester City Attorney O'Rourke will likely get more than he anticipated.
With that said, the Representative Committee of State of New Hampshire has considered their choice of words with care, in defining who is eligible to receive pertinent city Information on demand.
With New Hampshire's State Senate, made up of 24 senators, elected from 24 Districts along with
400 Representatives, the NH's General Court, is the third largest legislative body in the English speaking world.
What word has this committee come up with, to support 91-A requests?
Any Person.
Yes "any Person!"
There are nearly 8 billion people, aka "persons," who reside on earth.
Therefore, will Rochester's awkwardly inept City Attorney O'Rourke (aka "The Fryer,") be working more hours to reply to all requests, or, will the city become open ended and make everything available to public scrutiny.
O'Rourke did all this with the blessings of the likes of the City Manager and other Unelected tools.
If citizens could review a timeline of events concerning financial appropriations for funding, they would get the total picture of where their Taxes - Grants and Financial Diversions came from.
For example, when someone asks: How much has the City of Rochester NH, doled out to the miscreants who took 10 Years and likely 12 Million dollars of our tax money to go from the "inspiration" that a traffic circle was critical to the needs of those traveling down Main and Washington Streets.
Why open ended? To avoid accusations of "Featherbedding," projects.
Insuring every worker in the project had a clear and necessary role to fill.
Or, just the need to once again, fleece the taxpayer.
Why don't we currently hear about the "inner workings" of management, this is simple.
Once the Rochester City Council signs off on approving a plan, it's off to the races. There's no need for these unelected people to keep Citizens apprised of expenditures.
It's time to throw this drowning attorney and unelected parasites who support his antics, anchor bracelets.
- Lou Archambault,
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