Lawless Dems, in party with corrupt media, bringing America to the brink

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New polls suggest that if Democrats had learned about the Hunter Biden laptop instead of having the media, Twitter and Facebook suppress the news, all the others seen here wouldn't be in power.

As events unfold in Afghanistan, those results in my opinion are caused by inept, lawless, and incompetent leadership with little or no regard for the foundation of America - individual life, liberty, and the law of the land. Joe Biden has placed our Constitutional republic in grave danger. Far reaching domestic and international implications exist because of this ongoing Biden Administration failure.

I am an old woman in my seventies and have been around the block a few times! Let me set two things straight: (1) I did not like or approve of everything President Trump said or did; and (2) historically, I have been an independent voter (voting either Democratic or Republican depending upon the candidate and issues). It is the lawlessness and lies of the Democratic political machine in its quest to acquire power at any and all costs that caused me to become a Republican party supporter.

I believe that the most important political issue we currently face as Americans is a threat to the very foundation of our constitutional republic. Without that solid foundation, everything we hold dear will crumble and nothing else will matter.

On the day Trump descended the escalator in Trump Tower and announced he was running for President, our political environment descended into one of lies, deceit, and disregard for the law of the land as "the coup began". The media and established political machine "kicked in" resulting in the worst political and social climate of my lifetime. Some of the most recent actions in violation of the law and pursuit of power at any cost include:

  • On the Southern Border, Biden is ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court to return the Trump remain in Mexico policy. To date he has done nothing in respect of that ruling.

  • Domestically the stay on evictions has been found by the Supreme Court to be unconstitutional and Biden has also not done a thing to come into compliance with the highest court of the land. Funds for that express purpose were distributed to the States.

  • The Democrats advocate for packing the Supreme Court to gain political advantage.

  • The Democrats are attempting to Federalize local elections removing local state legislature control which is prescribed in the U.S. Constitution.

  • The Texas Democrats fled to D.C., ignored their responsibility as elected officials to the people of Texas, and were fully supported by D.C. Democrats while creating a super spreader COVID event.

  • The Democrats attempted to impeach the President of the United States who was no longer in office knowing that it was unconstitutional. Look only to the State of New York and the Democratic party decision to NOT impeach their governor because he is no longer in office.

  • The Democrats lied about the State of Georgia election reform stating it was Jim Crow Era on steroids. Recall Joe's 4 Pinocchio's?

  • The Democrats passed legislation employing "reconciliation" procedures when they hold the slimmest of margins in Congress.

  • The Democrat machine ignored the violence in our nation's cities until it impacted their ratings and few of the perpetrators of arson, looting, and property damage have been prosecuted. This while Nancy Pelosi is silent on Afghanistan and pursues the January 6th Capital Riot for political gain.

  • The state-run media buried the Hunter Biden laptop story so that 37% of all Democrats did not know about it. That is significant because 17% of those individuals stated they would NOT have voted for Biden had they known. (Reuters poll). Trump could very well be our duly elected President.

There is a long list of other Democratic Party lawlessness and lies which could fill pages upon pages surrounding the fake Steele Dossier and fake Russian Collusion assertions of President Trump which seems to be removed from the memory of the Democrats. Those acts of lawlessness and lies are far too numerous to list here where opinion letter space is valuable.

One lawless and lying individual we MUST NOT overlook, however, is Susan Rice. Susan Rice is currently advising Joe Biden from behind the scenes on his foreign policy. Ms. Rice told the truth under oath that there was no evidence of Trump Russian collusion and subsequently went on national television asserting that such evidence did exist. She is also a party to the false narrative regarding the fall of the Benghazi Embassy under the Obama Administration. She clearly is a liar and does not respect the foundation of American law. Her goal is power at any cost.

Biden has a long history of lying and plagiarism. One of Biden's biggest recent lies is that Trump did not have a condition-based withdrawal from Afghanistan and Biden states that the mayhem now ensuing is Trump's fault.

We cannot allow elected officials of a single political party to endanger the very existence of our country by ignoring the law of the land, exercising their power-grabbing egos, receiving support from government sponsored media, and to operate in violation of the Constitution. When did it become okay to leave Americans behind enemy lines in grave danger for their lives while arming a terrorist organization with state-of-the-art American military equipment and allow terrorists to set conditions of United States withdrawal?

Cheryl Russell is a former high school teacher and 30-year employee with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. She lives in Dover.

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