Liberal, not white, privilege threatens to destroy this country

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To the editor:

Liberal privilege is leading this country into civil war. Liberal privilege is an attribute of a political party which unabashedly lies, breaks the law because it believes it is above the law, ignores its past transgressions, and violates individual rights granted under the Constitution of the United States. Liberal privilege rises far above "political lies" or boorish bullying. The following are divisive FACTS moving Americans in the direction a civil war.
Hundreds of shootings have taken place with numerous deaths, including that of children, over just the past few weekends. NYC shootings are hundreds of times higher now than a year ago. The vast majority of shootings are in Democratically controlled cities.

Bob Woodson, the leading civil rights activist and founder of the Woodson Center, stated that the Democrats are using racism as cover for their failed urban policies of the past 25 years.
The Democrats call out Trump and his supporters as racists. Leo Terrell, a leading Black civil rights attorney, stated on Fourth of July weekend that the Republicans are NOT racist. The Democrats ARE racists. Terrell recently stated on cable news that blacks will vote Republican because they want freedom.
It is a video documented fact that Jeff Zucker directs CNN to pump "out propaganda". CNN tells its viewers what should be believed and, of course, it is primarily anti-Trump and anti-Republican.
I trust the opinion of leading Black Rights leaders over any lifetime politician or biased mainstream media source any day.
Obama administration officials (Rice, Clapper, Brennan, told the truth under oath; then publicly lied to the American people as evidenced in recently declassified and released transcripts. While it is illegal for a person to lie to Congress, it is not illegal for Adam Schiff or any other member of Congress to lie to the American people which is exactly what those recently released documents reveal to be true. Let us pray that the Durham Investigation brings all the criminals in the Deep State to justice.
Joe Biden has denied knowledge of the Oval Office "spy gate" meetings but was present as recently released documents reveal. Biden is the one who said that if you vote for Trump you are not Black. Biden authored the disastrous 1994 Prison Reform Bill which put more Black men in prison for longer periods of time. He also eulogized Senator Byrd, the KKK member.
At the start of the pandemic, President Trump held daily news briefings bringing together every facet of the country to fight the pandemic. When his ratings rose, the mainstream media stopped carrying those briefings and informed Americans of what they "should know" however false it might be.
Nancy Pelosi's position on tearing down monuments and statues is "people will do what people do." She equated national monuments to a pair of her grandmother's earrings. This while a couple in St. Louis whose lives (and their dog's) were threatened by armed trespassing Black Lives Matter thugs, only blocks from the murder of the retired police officer, had their only means of protection taken away by the "government."

The police will not provide them protection.
Black Lives Matter leadership is Marxist trained. Their fund raiser, Susan Rosenberg, a convicted domestic terrorist, was pardoned by Bill Clinton. The violence perpetrated by BLM has not been condemned by the Democratic Party Leadership.
As Liberal Privilege continues along its path of division to destroy our country and culture in their perverse support of Project 1619, true patriots who respect the Constitution of the United States will be forced to take up arms to protect their lives and property. Those who are out to cancel culture have an appetite that destruction of statues and monuments will not satisfy.

- Cheryl Russell,


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Members Opinions:
July 17, 2020 at 8:55am
This is a MUST READ
Passed on to many
** this includes all those I know who use
“Occupy Democrats” to dismiss any Conservative
Thank You Cheryl
Lou A.
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