Methinks methane is not the only thing that stinks

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To the editor:

The November Strafford County Delegation Meeting was "again," entertaining the use of Geothermal Energy and Solar Energy Panels to provide energy for the proposed $170+million "New" County Rest Home Project.

I asked Raymond Bower, the Strafford County administrator, why aren't Surplus Methane Gases piped to the county to provide the fuel to run any projects especially for the new rest home.

Waste Management nearly abuts the property.

Why is a company promoting nothing more than a glorified Sump Pump Configuration and Useless Solar Panels, that will cost more to dispose of than they're worth, here in the County to sell their wares?

Both systems have a 25-year life expectancy.

The cost of disposing solar panels is enormous, as well as generating hazardous materials.

The gentleman (being kind) mentioned the energy provided by panels are "Free."

His gases should also be piped to UNH.

Mr. Bower told me this proposal option didn't come from the County Commissioners. This proposal was being driven by the Strafford County Delegation.

It was the Delegation that wanted this proposal brought to the forefront of the discussion.

So - the University System of New Hampshire (UNH) gets all the vapors!

Since 2009, all methane gases have been Piped 26 MILES to the University of New Hampshire and provides 85% of the energy they ALLEGEDLY need to support a 15,000 student population.

At one time, methane, has been praised by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The University of New Hampshire is the State of New Hampshire's Flagship Public Institution.

It's a Land, Sea and Space "Grant Driven" University, founded in 1866.

(Oooooh! GRANTS, the Socialists Cash Pipeline)

Yet, UNH is still 65.5 billion in debt.

With all these energy savings and government grants, they're still under water?

Think of this: President Biden wants to forgive student debts. Then, forgive the college debt!

How long would it take UNH to be $65 billion in debt again? (Asking for a friend)

I'm certain many current county delegates were around back in the day, who approved this project, to supply methane Gas to the University.

Solid Household Inversion Technology (S--T) produced at Waste Management is continually growing.... Yet, Government Regulations now won't allow transfers of fuel to anyplace but UNH.

Why then, is the City of Rochester deciding to approve the expansion of the Waste Management Dump, (WMD)

There is no local control over the methane gasses it produces as well as its toxic byproducts.

Stop the Hammering.

Waste Management burns the excess into the atmosphere routinely, therefore, can it be that harmful to the environment to openly burn it?

One would think a volcano was erupting on top of that mountain.

There are too many hands involved in this "Solid Household Inversion Technology System."

The dump expansion needs to fall under the control of the County Delegation, not the City of Rochester, while at the same time taking the "Big Dump" to other cities, like Durham.

I wonder how many UNH Staff, and Privileged Professors live on Campus, who have Zero Fuel Bills?

Stop any expansion plans, or soon the main entrance to the WMD "Waste Management Dump," a Weapon of Mass Destruction, will be located on Pickering Road.

- Lou Archambault,


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