The UN is no friend to the US; it needs to go

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To the editor:

As sure as night follows day, the control and manipulation of communists birthed the United Nations. Praise God, today's fraudulent claim that most Americans are for globalism has finally been challenged. Senator Mike Lee and Representative Chip Roy's S. 3428 and H.R. 6645, now with numerous co-sponsors, have introduced The DEFUND Act to fully withdraw the U.S. from the UN and all of its associate entities.

These bills supporting American Independence are only 62 years behind The John Birch Society's JBS campaign to: "GET US OUT OF THE UN AND GET THE UN OUT OF THE US!"

What has caused both American voters and officeholders to sleep through this world tyranny in process since WWII? The Soviet dominated Communist have been infiltrating our government since the 1930s. What did Birchers know that too many Americans did not know about the UN? We had access to unknown truths from books containing documented facts either taken off the market or censored with smears.

JBS has republished these books to be candles of light. One of the books being, James Burnham's "The Web of Subversion." It details the Soviet espionage within our government without hinderance during the FDR Administration. The Soviets would not have been given the gift of almost dominant control of the United Nations without FDR's passivity. FDR's main confidant at YALTA and the main drafter of the UN Charter was Alger Hiss. Hiss ascended to these powerful positions along with his fellow comrades within an invisible web of subversion. They permeated virtually every department of FDR's Executive branch actively growing in power and numbers.

Bentley and Chambers testimony before the House Committee of Un-American Activities revealed three major communist cells: the Perlo Cell, Silvermaster Cell and the Ware Cell; and up to seven others according to later congressional testimony. These treasonous activities laid the groundwork for exploiting post-WWII Americans starved for peace. The banner of peace at any price, called "the last best hope of mankind," the UN treaty flew through the Senate winning 89 votes. Only two senators were wise to the coming nightmare.

A 1964 bombshell on the UN,"The Fearful Master" by G. Edward Griffin exposed the evil consequences of the Soviet ground plan. Griffin revealed the UN's activities were not consistent with their stated purpose. The United Nations was conceived, created and always has been controlled by Communists.

Today, too many Americans naively believe that world communism died when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. While the red road to world order under communist tyranny has become an obsolete strategy, we now suffer green road environmentalism headed to the same tyrannical goal. The first Communist cell was planted in the Agriculture Department in 1933. Today's farmer can thank Communists for the central control of agriculture. American farmers were enticed into being paid not to grow crops; a scheme that failed in the USSR.

What was seeded in the 1930s has now grown into the Green New Deal audaciously promoted under the banner of doomsday environmentalism. During the Cold War, Nikita Khrushchev said: "We spit in the American peoples' face and they think it is dew." Betrayers of liberty will continue to laugh at us if Americans do not wake up! Watermelon Marxists now serve the same cause of their historical antecedents. However, the invisible web of subversion is now visible. Take a stand for your liberty! Wake the town and tell your Washington and State delegates to Congress that HR 6645 and S. 3428 need their support.

In addition, study the history books published by The Americanist Library of Western Islands:

From Major Jordans Diary by George Racey Jordan (Atomic Bomb Espionage)

Americas Retreat From Victory. Senator Joe McCarthy (1954 speech before Senate)

While You Slept John T. Flynn (Our tragedy in Asia)

The Whole Of Their Lives by Benjamin Gitlow (Portrayal of communism in America)

Seeds if Treason by Ralph de Toledono (Hiss Chambers tragedy)

Web of Subversion by James Burnham (Underground Network in U.S. Government)

Also another key book Witness by Whitaker Chambers (His Story)

Ill Fares The Land by Dan P Van Gorder (Soviet Agriculture became American)

- Russ Payne,


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