Time for legislators to step up to plate, call balls and strikes on election fraud

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Open Letter to Senator Chandley and my Merrimack State Representatives:
Jeanine Notter, Richard Barry, L'Heureux, Rung, stack, Murphy & Thomas,
This letter for me is as difficult to write as I'm sure that the alleged fraudulent election challenges you all. I add to that challenge pleading for you all to step forward and vote to withdraw our New Hampshires votes in the Electoral College. You hold the power. Do your job. I do not mean to be disrespectful of your office: however the promise of more and more socialism adding up to 100% government under a Biden Administration, fraudulently achieved, that my four children and ten grandchildren will inherit, takes precedent over the possibility of offense.
As State Legislators it is now your turn to be on the "firing line," constitutionally . It will be your choice to point your "gun of power" to demand that laws in the battleground states be deemed unconstitutionally attained and to be declared invalid until the allegations of fraud be thoroughly investigated. Until then they should be declared invalid by the Electoral College. Will your vote be in silence like a misfire, by your failure to stand up for integrity in our election process? Will you ignore the strange ironies throughout the nation of irregularities pointing to corruption that even reared its ugly head in New Hampshire? How could our State Senate and State House be flipped and Governor Sununu be re-elected and President Trump lose our state?
I write this letter to the New Hampshire State Legislature because the Supreme Court of the United States has refused to hear the Texas Law suite. As you know Texas and 18 other states involving hundreds of Electoral College votes joined together to sue Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan. Add to this, 75 percent of the American people including Democrats now believe that election fraud took place. As State legislators you must ask yourselves if fraud existed? You in the Legislature surely must know the the right path to take toward this election challenge if your answer is yes.
I urgently appeal to you to consider all the evidence broadcast over NEWSMAX TV and at the website . Check out the allegations of foreign interference from China (even Chinese print shops flooding our nation with ballots), allegations of Dominion Voting machine corruption that cost the president millions of votes, thousands of sworn affidavits revealing corruption, and tens of thousands of dead people voting plus much more. We need "profiles in courage," exhibited within elected officials to multiply in great numbers to follow the great courage of thousand of "whistle blowers" who signed sworn affidavits. Will you step forward? At this stage, "election integrity" , and the potential "death of our Republic" are at stake.
I aim these comments at State legislators in New Hampshire and all around the country, the "ball is now in all of your courts." Silence is not golden in a national moral crisis. If your answer to my question above, "do you think fraud existed?, is "no:" then I ask you, do you think fish swim in the desert or the earth is flat? Just because in battleground states so many state officials have wimped out and now SCOTUS has "wimped out," this doesn't mean that there was no corruption. Don't follow their lack of courage. Will you do your job and stand up to challenge the fraud in obedience to the United States Constitution that you swore to uphold that is being ignored by the courts?
I believe "election integrity" must be upheld. Thus far many courageous citizens at great price have come forward and signed sworn affidavits, can legislators around country do any less? In the 1960's the opinion of Nikita Khruschev's about Americans was, we were so naive that he said: "We spit in the American peoples face and they think it is dew." Please let it not be true that State Legislator's will do the same to us by ignoring this election fraud today. Will it be said on Americas tombstone that our Republic died because our State leaders lacked the "moral backbone" to stand up against this great conspiracy against truth?
Once America had an abundance of leaders who would stand up for our country. Today, who will stand against the "tyranny of silence" that till now has been the essential enabler for this fraud to be accepted? Once there were men and women who would stand in the gap between freedom and slavery. In his "Give me liberty or give me death speech, Patrick Henry challenges patriots of today, "Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?" From St. John's Church in March 1775, these same words echo down through history and challenge our leaders today in the legislature in each of our states to do their job. Will you step forward and challenge the "tyranny of silence" and break the chains that are being forged to enslave us and our children and children's children?
And Gov. Sununu, this letter is also for you. Instead of going through the Congress for advise and consent to implement all your dictatorial mandates, you should stand up and be counted in this "corrupted chaos" that is called an election. If you are indeed a Republican, then act like one and stand up for President Trump. It takes moral courage to stand for truth in a national moral crisis. Orwell say's it is a revolutionary act. In this case, it is a counter-revolutionary act to save our Republic. We the people whom you are to represent , we need your action that is only limited by the God who Created you and the Constitution of the United States. That action doesn't include silence. Please make a stand for President Trump.
- Russ Payne
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